Philip Taaffe and David Aaron Angeli

Bulgari - Serpentiform

Chengdu Museum, China

April 29 - August 25, 2019

The symbol of the snake is a protagonist of the fourth edition of SerpentiForm, that take place from the 29th of April until 25th of August 2019 in the Museum of Chengdu in China. The forties of the Nine Hundred, Bulgari has reinterpretated this iconic animal through the high jewellery, and has assumed it as an indigenious symbol of the brand. Dedicated to the seductive charm of the snake, the exhibition SerpentiForm offers an eclectic and evocative run that comes between the works of the biggest masters of the modern and contemporary art, advancing vision from design to the fashion, from decorative arts to the photography. Between the works in exhibition there appear also creations drawn purposely for SerpentiForm, which showing neverending potential for development of “Snake’s” motive to evolve and to feed the inexhaustible creativity of the Maison. Among the works creating an artistic panorama of the nine hundred and contemporary we can see important figures like Joan Mirò, Alexander Calde, Niki de Saint Phalle, Henri Dono the works by Philip Taaffe and by David Aaron Angeli – in collaboration with Cellar Contemporary – were selected.