Aldo Schmid

Studio di nudo n.13, 1959

This watercolor is published in the catalog “Aldo Schmid” produced by Studio d’Arte Raffaelli and is part of a collection of watercolors made by the artist between 1959 and 1960. These were crucial years for the young trentino artist’s artistic training: in fact, Schmid was in Salzburg at artist Oscar Kokoschka’s classes. Raised in the climate of the Secession, influenced by Schiele and in direct contact with Klimt, Kokoschka influences the young Schmid in his first phase of artistic training.
During this period, the painter devoted himself to the study of the nude, producing works with a quick and instinctive stroke derived from the method Kokoschka imparted to his students: there was very little time available and the realization therefore had to be carried out quickly, with anti-academic strokes.

Aldo Schmid, Acquerelli 1959-69, Luigi Serravalli, Studio d’arte Raffaelli, Trento, 1988.


Watercolors on paper
60 x 40 cm

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