Carlo Belli

Omaggio a Rosmini, 1978-79

Carlo Belli was an important artist and intellectual from Rovereto; his most
famous theoretical works is the volume “KN,” regarded as the manifesto of abstractionism. His first attempts in the field of painting date back to 1929, but from a young age Belli watched with curiosity as his father, at home or en plein air, painted by kneading oil colors on the palette. The work “Omaggio a Rosmini” investigates the tones of gray while respecting the independence of each nuance and implementing a geometric research that does not stop at “Mondrian-style frameworks,” as defined by Vanni Scheiwiller in the catalog “Omaggio a Carlo Belli.” Some of the volumes that have published the work are “Carlo Belli. Un Roveretano in Puglia,” “Carlo Belli. Giustificazione personale”.

– Carlo Belli. Un roveretano in Puglia, AA. VV., (Bari, Castello Svevo, February- March 1994), Pancheri Edition, Rovereto, 1994, p.35

– Giustificazione personale, Carlo Belli, All’insegna del pesce d’oro, Milano, 1979, p.21
– Omaggio a Carlo Belli, Giancarlo Vigorelli, Vanni Scheiwiller, Pancheri Edition, Rovereto, 1979

Mostra al Castello Svevo di Bari, February – March 1994.


Oil on cardboard
26,5 x 31 cm

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